About Heroic Transformation 

This website is an online learning portal affiliated with Heroic Journey Consulting. It is based on the heroic journey transformation process developed by Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D. and created in collaboration with Business Partner, Elaine Rozelle, MA, LVN and other strategic allies, who bring their own special expertise to this life-enhancing transformational process! 

Introduction video presented by Marion Moss Hubbard and Elaine Rozelle


We believe everyone is on a lifelong journey of transformation. By placing experiences within a story of unfolding heroism, every experience, no matter how tragic or painful, has the potential to strengthen our character, courage, resolve and resilience. Tragedy and pain can shatter pieces of ourselves that hide in the shadows. Through the process of illumination, which is what the heroic journey is all about, we can integrate what was once shattered to become the whole person we are meant to be. It is through this wholeness that we can fulfill what we came to this life to do! 


To evoke your personal heroism, so you can live courageously and fully from your naturally powerful and compassionate self.

What We Offer

We offer you resources and a learning community to evoke your heroism within.


Learning modules are designed to help you go more deeply within, discover aspects of yourself you didn't know existed, and develop the skills to relate to yourself, others and our natural world in a whole new way. Check out our FREE courses.


Practical insights, food for thought and helpful tips to improve your life.


Transformational tools to help you evolve your character and consciousness.


Become part of our transformational learning community. Join us for this life-enhancing process.

Our Team

Marion Moss Hubbard Photo

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology

I’m excited to welcome you to this online learning portal! As the Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting, I specialize in the dynamics of personal, organizational and global transformation. I feel passionate about the transformational process, since I have experienced its personal power in my own life. As a Mentor, Author and Presenter, I am dedicated to helping transform individual lives, supporting leaders to get to the heart of organizational change and creating a collaborative and mutually supportive world. Read more.

Elaine Rozelle Photo

Elaine A. Rozelle, MA, LVN
Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology
Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of California

A warm hello. I am the Founder of Journey to the Naked Soul and Strategic Business Partner with Heroic Journey Consulting. While I was professionally trained as a health care professional, I realized after a powerful personal experience that my true calling was Guiding Individuals to become emotionally resilient and Mentoring Professionals who help others. Read more.

We’re here to support you

See our separate affiliated website, Heroic Journey Consulting, for support through personalized mentoring, transformational products, presentations, blog posts, resources and more. We are here to help you live, relate, work and lead from the Center of Yourself!