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Work as a Heroic Journey

Use the Workplace to Evolve Your Character and Consciousness

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This course is an overview of the heroic journey model for transformation that holds that the workplace constantly challenges us to find and work from the center of ourselves in all that we do. It provides us with a variety of circumstances to test how well we can put our moral, ethical, and psychological principals into real life practice. In this presentation we explore how workplace experiences play into our lifelong "heroic journey" of character development. 

What the Course Includes

This course is a 30 minute video interview (in two parts) with Marion Moss Hubbard, who is also author of the book, Work as a Heroic Journey.  

Author & Presenter

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Mentor, author and speaker, dedicated to the transformational process.


Joyce Edge
Host of cable network program, Common Ground

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